Sadly due to family circumstances please Read For Sale, however we are still showing locally and love discussing the sheep with interested people

Welcome to Dessland Ryelands

We are based in Aberdeenshire overlooking the River Dee. Having started breeding Ryeland Sheep (Flock no.01836) in 2012, our aim is to breed good quality stock with special attention to conformation and wool quality.


History of Ryeland Sheep:

Ryeland sheep originated in Herefordshire and is one of the oldest UK breed of sheep going back to the 12th century. As the name suggests, they were bred on the rye-grass land near the Welsh border.
The Ryeland flock Book Society was founded in 1903. They were at one stage a Rare Breed, but recently their fortunes have changed and they are now classified as a minority breed. We are members of the Northern Ryeland Group and the Scottish Ryeland group.

Attributes of Ryeland Sheep:

1) Their wool and meat
2) Ease of handling and docility
3) Excellent mothers and ease of lambing
4) Ideal choice for first time sheep keepers and smallholders.

For more information about Ryelands please see the Ryeland Flock Book Society webpage www.ryelandfbs.com

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